Economy Germany

Domestic Economy
GDP at Purchasing Power 2,859.78 bil. PPP$
GDP per Capita at Purchasing Power 34,905.10 PPP$
GDP in local currency Mrd. 622.32 bil. euros pro Quartal
GDP Growth y.o.y.% 4.49% p.a.
Consumption Expenditures per Quarter 358.76 bil. euros
Consumption as % of GDP 57.65%
Gross Capital Formation 110.98 euros per Quarter
Gross Capital Formation as % of GDP 17.83%
Government Consumption 122.16 bil. euros per Quarter
Government Consumption as % of GDP 19.63%
Inflation 1.49% p.a.
Unemployment Rate 6.83%
International Trade
Exports 286.96 bil euros per quarter
Exports as % of GDP 46.11%
Net exports in local currency 31.45 bil. euros per Quarter
Trade Balance in USD 51.87 bil. $
Current Account in USD 43.92 bil. $ per Quarter
Foreign Assets 7,121.37 bil. $
Foreign Liabilities 5,867.48 bil. $
Net Investment Position 1,253.89 bil. $

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