Population and Government Luxembourg

Population 474,500 persons
Labor Force as % of Total Population 69.76%
Urban Population as % of Total Population 90.83%
Average Age 38.70 years
Birth Rate: Babies per 1.000 People 11.94 persons
Death Rate: Deaths per 1.000 People 8.41 persons
Percentage of People under Age of 14 18.90%
Percentage of People between 15 and 65 66.50%
Percentage of People over Age of 65 14.60%
Government Receipts 4.02 bil. euros per quarter
Government Expenditures 4.17 bil. euros per quarter
Government Expenditures as % of GDP 43.24%
Government Lending/ Borrowing p.q. -0.16 bil. euros
Government Borrowing as % of GDP -1.62%
Government Debt 2.50 bil. euros
Government Debt as % of GDP 6.28%
Social Security Spending as % of Total Spending 51.02%

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